How Leadership Impacts Organizational Culture

Leaders have the power to shape and reinforce organizational values by providing employees with the tools they need to grow and develop. This can be done through setting goals, offering opportunities, and providing recognition. Leaders should also strive to create an open dialogue with their employees, so that trust is strengthened and feedback is given in both directions. Leaders have a major influence on organizational culture in many ways.

Their behavior and attitude serve as an example for others, and their decisions on who to hire, promote, develop, and fire can all have a major impact on the culture of the organization. Leaders also shape culture by deciding on programs, visions and missions, philosophies, symbols, mentoring and training. When it comes to hiring, it's important to look beyond credentials and past success. Toxic talent can have a negative effect on culture, so it's important to screen candidates for their attitude as well as their skills.

Leaders who only focus on results can create cultures that emphasize results at all costs, which can lead to negative consequences. Organizational culture is closely linked to leadership. Founders and influential leaders often set new cultures in motion, while leaders over time can shape culture through conscious and unconscious actions. Companies with strong cultures have everyone from the CEO to the entry-level intern on the same page, focused on achieving the same goals and empowered by the same values and vision. Leaders are responsible for creating systems that develop organizational culture and reinforce labor standards.

To change implicit norms, beliefs, and understandings shared within an organization, colleagues can talk to each other through change. Hierarchical regression analysis can be used to assess the independent association between leadership behavior and job satisfaction after controlling for the effect of organizational culture.

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