How leadership works corwin?

This How Leadership Works resource includes a self-reflection and teacher planning guide for teachers to engage in metacognitive thinking. This How Leadership Works resource includes 10 mindsets for effective leadership including impact, change and challenge, and mentalities focused on learning. This excerpt from How Leadership Works includes a checklist to examine your sense of self-efficacy for educational leadership. Smith holds his PhD in Educational Leadership from San Diego State University with a focus on equity and a master's degree in social work from the University of Southern California.

Gray Merit Mention and an Exemplary Leader Award from the NCTE English Leadership Conference. Building on current research and practical approaches, How Leadership Works professional learning workshops provide educational leaders with mental frameworks and strategies that will enable them to effectively lead instruction, learning and change. Julie Smith is an accomplished author and former school administrator with more than 35 years of experience in school and district leadership. You'll dive right into the mental frameworks essential to educational leadership, and then explore research-based practices that have the greatest impact on student learning outcomes.

How Leadership Works makes a compelling case for how to complete all of these functions and how to have plenty of time to enjoy everyone's success at school (as well as their own successes). They felt relevant in helping me overcome a leadership challenge and determine the right next step, without taking an overwhelming amount of effort or time. While leading schools through change seems like a daunting task, there are tried and true leadership practices that relieve staff stress and provide lasting results for leaders. During this one or two day workshop, you and your team will explore change management and change leadership.

In addition to his school leadership responsibilities, Smith provides professional learning to K-12 teachers in large and small groups, on many topics that address climate and classroom and school organization. These research-based practices will enable you and your leadership team to embrace the role of Agent of Change with enthusiasm. The alternative is an independent contractor school, where teaching and leadership happen by chance. As I read the book, I was able to visualize how I would use it to provide professional development for my leadership team.

Improve your educational leadership skills and guide your school toward equity and excellence for all.

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