How to become a leader?

The following eight leadership qualities will inspire you to become a great leader, be an empathetic leader, be a good listener, be a model for embracing change, incorporating a shared vision, developing your followers, communicating realistic and clear expectations, learning to manage failure, continue your education. A recent study by the Center for Creative Leadership showed that approximately 38% to more than half of new leaders fail in their first 18 months. Leaders can avoid being part of this amazing statistic by incorporating good leadership strategies that motivate their team members to achieve their goals. Robert Mann, author of The Measure of a Leader (iUniverse, 201), recommended focusing on the good in any set of circumstances.

The more you look at the positive aspects of a problem, the more positively people react to each other. How do you become a great leader? Our society tends to quickly identify a bad leader, but how do you identify a good one? We have found that great leaders consistently possess these 10 fundamental leadership traits. A leader is someone who is able to establish the direction of a group and then mobilize it towards that goal. I don't get into personality characteristics because they can vary a lot.

The common factors really are global strategic thinking and the ability to influence people.

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