Steps for leadership

Develop leadership skills that are dynamic and can respond to individual needs. Identify the strengths of each team member to ensure that they work on tasks they can enjoy. This will increase the quality of the work delivered and the productivity of your colleagues. When working with different people, remember that one approach to leadership will not work for everyone.

The best way to complete all of your tasks is to prioritise them by importance and delegate if you are working within a team. The third step involves presenting your opportunity for improvement message to the people who will be impacted.

What are the 4 steps of leadership?

You might think that putting a group of high-performing A Players together on a team will automatically create a high-performing team, but even your dream team will find their way into and, hopefully, out of each these stages. As a member of the board, I kept asking company leaders important questions that jumpstarted great ideas, so they asked me to step up as the CEO. It’s important that early-career finance and accounting professionals don’t skip steps as they develop and grow their careers. According to one study, 50% of female managers and 31% of male managers say they've felt self-doubt at some point in their careers.

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